Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The Latest Work With Permission

©Dora Sislian Themelis, 11x14 Watercolor, Patmos Sunset
Available for purchase
The latest work is from another person's photograph. Don't worry, I asked permission to use it. I just had to, it was too beautiful to me not to. The photographer agreed to let me depict this scene in watercolor paint. I was thrilled.

Of course, the view is stunning, and it's from one of my favorite places, our Greek island home of Patmos. 

I find it dreamy. Maybe you do too. 

The misty look of the distant hillside from the sheltered patio with potted flowers and the blue metal chairs and table give me comfort. I could be sitting right there, in that very spot, and breathe really deep. Perfect for a watercolor application and my supplies were ready to go.

All the steps in the work
The photo above shows the steps I took from photograph through the initial sketch and first wash of color. As I go about the work I add detail, more color, try to follow the forms and edges to get to the finished piece.

I took my time to develop the scene slowly. Believe me I could go to far and have it trashed. That's not so hard for me to do. Lately I've been able to pace myself, not make a mess of things.

Also, the process is important. The act of painting takes me out of my head to a far away place where there is nothing except the work in front of me. Time and space mean nothing. I am gone.

But then there's dinner to make, and I'm back in my head.

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