Monday, November 19, 2012


When there's so much going on I lose my appetite, and not just for food. Even when the power came back I just didn't feel like running to post photos. I didn't even take many photos. Just wasn't feeling it. 
Paint? Nothing. Who feels like painting?

We were prepared to be homebound for a few days because of the approaching hurricane. Okay. I've been through storms that left us without power for a couple of days in the past.  We had food, my stove works with gas, we had hot water, and a fireplace. Batteries, candles, flashlights, gas in the cars.

But nothing prepared anyone for the resulting aftermath of this storm. No power, television, internet, telephone, cell phones were dropping calls. And we were lucky compare to people living on the Long Island coast. Some of them have lost everything, homeless.

Then the blizzard came. We finally had lights, and then we didn't again.

Right now I can hear chain saws trying to cut up my neighbor's huge white oak that landed into the next guy's yard. Four days and it's still not done. Our tree fell and took down the utility pole, the wires to the house, the back neighbor's trees and branches of other trees. Those roots left a huge crater, and took out some of my beloved azaleas. 

Normal is going to have to take a while.


  1. Oh dear... I am so sorry that you went through that storm... I've gone through them in Florida but honestly, I don't ever remember being without power so long... tHIS WAS A PARTICULARLY TERRIBLE STORM. (Sorry I hit cap lock but you know... it was a bad storm that deserves big letters so I will leave it!) I hope normal comes sooner rather than later... Your poor trees and plants...
    Thinking about you,

    1. Thank you Ann. We are very thankful it was only trees and plants we lost.

  2. What a dreadful storm that was. Keeping you in prayer xx


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