Friday, May 11, 2012

A Lull in The Action

Cloudy, rainy weather does nothing to foster motivation, for me anyway. I updated my Facebook page this week with just that sentiment and some other artists chimed in to to agree, and disagree.

Sun and heat is key for my brain to work properly. Inclement weather day after day, makes me drowsy and lethargic. I don't care how many affirmations I chant, how many times I tap on acupressure points,or read inspirational stuff, it's not happening.

But then, for other people, bad weather is their signal to hunker down and do some work. Yeah, I get that, but I can't change my mind about it once I get a taste of summer like weather. Then it's all over with that.

In the winter time, bring on the cold, the blustery days and I could fool myself into believing it's a good day to get work done. Even then it's tough. How many books do I have to read, how many courses can I take, to keep in the process?

I heard someone say "If you trip down one step, do you then throw yourself down the whole flight?" well, of course not. So you pick yourself up where you left off and go doodle or something.

That's my plan for today anyway.

Before I go bury my head, I have a question: How do you handle older work that is hanging around? If you can sell it, do you price it differently than new work? I'd love to know how artists deal with this, so please leave a comment.


  1. Dark, miserable, wet days do nothing for my painting either. On those days I now write or do the chores, hoping that when they're done the sun will be back :)

    For me, the older painting has its price set and stays the same. If I was overwhelmed with paintings and no space, I'd have a reduced price sale at a craft fair :)

    Dora, I do come and read your blog, but please excuse me not always commenting. The word thing is hard for me to read. xx

  2. Thank you for dropping in with your thoughts, dear Pat. I wish I knew how to eliminate that capture thing. I try to comment on other blogs and I can't with the word thing telling me I'm wrong. Blah.


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