Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What a Day at The Beach!

Tuesday was a beautiful day. Gorgeous was with the Princess visiting a friend and I was going to go to the beach by myself. I don't have a problem being alone at the beach. It's family friendly, peaceful and there's usually plenty of other lone people doing their own quiet thing.

I brought my travel watercolor set, fully intending to put it to good use. I also brought along a book to read before I felt like painting. I managed to remember to take a few photos before I settled into my inert position in my sand chair.

For a beautiful sunny day, this beach was practically empty. Fine with me. Empty beach almost all to myself is a wonderful thing. The few kids on the beach just had to play football right near me though. Of course I had to tell them to move down the beach and hit other people with their football. Geez!

I had my little lunch, read my book, and ate my peach when I realized I had planned to paint that peach with a few shards of sea shells. Oops! So I just kept reading and enjoying the scenery. I answered a call from my mom and while we're talking I felt a weird movement as I sat in my chair. I thought it must be the wind pushing me funny. 

My mom said her desk was shaking and she felt dizzy. I told her Wait a minute, I feel the same thing! I noticed other people began to stand up on the beach and look around, and said such to Mom. It was almost 2PM and I decided I am done here. Wait, is this an earthquake?

Texts were flying into my phone from Gorgeous, my sister, Son#2, Mom. Some of my outgoing texts would not go through. I couldn't access voice mail either. As I was leaving I asked some other women if their phones worked. They didn't. Well, everyone started talking about what was happening.

New York had a 5.9 earthquake yesterday and I was at the beach when it happened. Now that I think about it, what a jerk I was. I should have ran out of there as soon as I realized what was going on. Did I want to be in the middle of a tsunami resulting from said earthquake? Uh, no thank you. 

What kind of New Yorker am I? I was lulled by the beauty and peace of the beach into thinking I was safe. 

Next time, run you idiot.


  1. Goodness!....a real live earthquake. Although, to be honest, I have felt a shudder here once some years ago, but only brief as it was some 20 miles away down the coast and out to sea about 30 miles!...does that count:/ Love your photos, it must have been wonderful on that beach, and hopefully you would have realised about a tsunami if the sea went OUT instead of IN (like the bible story when the sea parted? not sure who that happened to, but hey if true that must have been a tsunami!!) all the best to you.....ann.

  2. What a strange day that turned into. The weather has been so weird this year. I have experienced one small tremor like that and it is scary.
    You are funny, "run you idiot" sounds like me.
    Happy you are safe.

  3. Lol, I have never experienced and earthquake either. I would most likely have stood there like a dummy or ran around in circles even! I am glad you are ok :)Connie

  4. Glad you're ok, Dora.
    I've never felt an earthquake - I'd think it was my vertigo playing up :)

  5. Hey girls! Thanks for the well wishes on my meet up with the earthquake! LOL I thought something felt weird when I was vibrating on the sand and my eyes were doing some dizzy dance.


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