Monday, August 29, 2011

Fun With Hurricane Irene

We survived Hurricane Irene. Without power all day, we listened to our radio and looked out the window at the crazy weather.

We watched as one neighbor couldn't wait for the hurricane to be over to start removing the small tree that fell on his front yard. A little while later an ambulance pulled up and he went inside to have his vitals monitored.

What's with men and wild weather that they can't wait to get moving and doing? Even The Mr. was itching to get out to his business to look around. They don't care what's going on outside. Men are just plain crazy.

These trees fell around the corner from our house. Thankfully, all we had to do was clean up some branches, leaves and repair our fence. The electricity came on at 9PM.  Minutes later we heard an explosion and saw the street lamps go out, along with our neighbors' lights across the street.

So, earthquake and now a hurricane. All we're missing is a volcano. That'll happen next week, I'm sure.


  1. I,m so happy that was the only damage.
    Thanks for the update.

  2. Glad you're all safe and well. Men don't take to confinement well, if its not of their own choosing! ;)

  3. Thanks ladies. Ventured out today and saw plenty of tree damage they are still trying to clean up. Unfortunately, many people are still without power, possibly into next week!


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