Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Off on Tangents, but Painting Happened Nontheless

My day began with a bang. Not really a bang, but maybe there's another word for it. I was minding my own business pouring my second cup of coffee on a nice, quiet morning. I reached for the half and half, yes I like half and half, and started to squeeze the carton. Let me explain, I get a carton and open the folded and sealed top to form a spout and then I close it up. If I squeeze the carton a nice small stream of milk comes out. Nice and neat.

Well SOMEBODY opened the carton for the spout, and I, unknowingly (not paying attention), pour it out all over my lap, my tablecloth, and my coffee. I started to think to myself that this may not be my day, and it was only 8A.M.

I went along my day. Farmer's market, supermarket, bank, etc. Errands. I thought I might not get to paint, but I knew I had been losing my fight with Mr. Resistance and, bad day or not this was going to be it.
What do you know? I had run out of the large size watercolor paper I had been using.

 Now what? I really didn't want to use the travel pad and my subject was going to be too big for the small Arches block. Great. I opened up the small block and now I see I need a spatula to get the protective paper off. I trudge to my basement studio, where the light still doesn't work, and fetch the tool.

Now what? Phone call from The Mr. about some computer problem. I trudge back to the basement and the computer, flip it on and we discuss. Ok. I passed the kitchen and remembered I wanted to roast some peppers I had. So I go at that, almost forgetting my painting outside.

Then I think I should have painted these peppers, but now they're all cut up. Bright idea: take photos, and add a shiny platter for contrast. That'll show that book deal guy I can paint Greek themed stuff. Right.

I'm all finished with the peppers, put them in the oven after their photo shoot and remember I was supposed to be painting. I go back to the basement to get another watercolor block. While I'm running around my house I am thinking that I must be some crazy kind of idiot, going off on tangents, not getting anything done.

Finally, I get myself to my painting set-up and sketch out my idea. I wanted to paint from the photos of the sunflowers from the farm. I sketched out the subjects and started getting into it when I remember I had peppers roasting in the oven. Shades of my turkey debacle from a couple of weeks ago.

I run to my kitchen, remove the peppers that were not burned and returned to painting. Now can I get down to business? Yes, I did and I am happy to say it felt good.

Sunflowers Outside (c)2011 Dora Sislian Themelis
12x16 Watercolor on Lanaquarelle paper


  1. What a day ! But what a beautiful painting at the end of it. Love your sunflowers - they are stunning! xx

  2. OMG, did you hear me giggling while I read about your day and the GASP when I saw those GORGEOUS sunflowers?
    Wow, just gorgeous and well worth your day. Gorgeous!

  3. Pat, coming from you that's a huge compliment.

  4. Teri, sometimes I have these crazy days! I really appreciate your comments and thank you so much for your compliments. It means a lot.

  5. Awesome! Lovely painting - and now I don't feel so alone for all the burned food...

  6. Kathleen I call it artist A.D.D.!


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