Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Don't Paint in the Dark

Where do the days go?  It seems I'm awake at dawn and suddenly it's time to sleep again.  What happened in the middle?  It's dark too early now, too.

My days with the Princess are done for this week.  As I have some things to do on alternate Thursdays, she'll be visiting her other grandmother tomorrow.  I will definitely miss having her with me.  She's such a comfortable baby, not a complainer at all so she is wonderful to watch her.  And she smells really good!

Monday and Friday I have off from sitting with her so those days I try to get my own stuff done.  When will I try to have an Artist's Date?  Who knows.  Some where in those off days if I plan it right.

Since I've been trying to keep up with The Twenty Minute Challenge I think that's the way to go for now.  So while the Princess takes a quick nap, I run to do 20 minutes of watercolor painting.

Yesterday was a day that she was awake for a long while.  We looked at dots, which she is fascinated by, talked to each other, had some tummy time, and had lunch together, sort of.  Wide awake and alert, there wasn't much time for me to paint most of the day.  After Gorgeous came to take the Princess back home I ran some water in a tub and took out the paints.  Just arranged the same items that are hanging around and started painting. Mind you, it was already 4PM!  By the time I got going the sun was on it's way down and I tried to work quickly.

Oh well, I did what I could in the twenty minutes I allotted for painting.  Too much water and not enough dry surface so the paints ran.  It's fine.  I told myself that it's the process that counts.

The Princess has left for the day and I decided to return to this painting.  Now that it's dry I tried to clean it up, make it neat, and worth showing.  Next time I need to paint earlier in the day because painting in the dark isn't much fun.

Pebbles and Leaves (c)2010 DST 7x10 Watercolor


  1. Cool painting. I can't do anything in 20 minutes, just a very sloppy start. I am so very impressed with all of your 20 minute paintings. And I love, love, love the smell of babies! Enjoy!

  2. It is just beautiful and I'm so happy you found time to do it. Will I be receiving it soon? :)

  3. Still excellent Dora, even if executed in the dark.
    Christmas is coming, start putting a circle round the pictures of daylight lamps and leaving it where hubby can find it! :lol:

  4. Thanks for the comments, friends!
    I'm surprised myself, how nicely these 20 minute works turn out!
    Teri-I will send it along after I resize ;-)
    Pat-Sounds like an idea!
    Wax Beach-They should bottle baby smell!

  5. Lovely art work, even in the dark!

  6. Hi Mystic! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a lovely comment!


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