Friday, October 8, 2010

Need to Schedule Time

Taking my time doing things here today.  Had a list and needed to stick to it.  Posting here early, which I really would rather do, just was impossible given the length of the list.  To-do lists are never popular things around here.  Rarely do I cross off everything needing attention.  As time goes on, I'm going to have to stick to the list as my services will be needed "elsewhere".  How exciting!  I can't wait!

So I must be prepared and organized every day.  Don't laugh.  I'm trying to keep it together so my things get done daily.  And maybe now is a good time to develop that schedule I've been thinking of making.  Time for everything and everything in it's time.

But the sun was out today again, and the warmth felt really comforting on my face, if not just a little windy.  You know how I feel about a warm sunny day?  The one thing I had left off the list for today was to paint that hydrangea painting and get it over with.  Finish it and move on.

When I returned home, having done the required things, I noticed the Montauk daisies in the front garden.  They were twinkling in the sunlight.  Wednesday I took photographs of them and wished it was warm enough, and dry enough, to sit out and paint them.  After putting away my things I thought I would take a walk outside and think about what I could do.  No, it was just too cool with the wind to stay out long.  However, idea!  Get the photo out and paint from the camera.  Just a quick sketch, twenty minutes maybe, at the kitchen table, without my reading glasses on so the photo is sort of fuzzy.  And away I went!

It was a nice idea and by using the small watercolor pad I use for the beach trips, I could get away from the hydrangea and just doodle in color on something new.



  1. They're gorgeous, Dora!
    Sometimes the quickest paintings are the freshest and the best. This is adorable! Stick a mat round it and watch it sing!

  2. Thank you so much Pat. I think I'm meant for the quick draw! LOL

  3. wow..nice art work you have it...keep it up..i really admire those painters..


  4. Thanks for commenting badloi!

  5. your welcome Dora..just keep up your nice gifted hands...


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