Monday, October 4, 2010

Just Not Feeling It, So I Plod

Here's a look at the hydrangea painting as I plod along on it.  What is it about working from my own photos that just brings me down?  I seem to like the photo more than I do the painting.

Maybe that's the trick.  My eye sees what it needs to see while composing the photograph.  Is it then not meant to be a painting afterwards?  I just see too much in the photo and my brain tries hard to replicate the details in paint.

I'm starting to get annoyed with this thing.  The colors I'm using are annoying, the way I'm applying the paint is annoying, the composition is annoying.  There's nothing I am happy about with this piece.  That's happened to me before so I keep plugging at it.

I did a watercolor in the spring of the daisies in my garden.  Yes, I painted it from life not a photograph.  Anyway, I wasn't thrilled with the result, but I kept thinking in my head "It's the process."  I was going to ignore the result and move on to the next thing.  Well my DIL, Gorgeous, loved it and wanted it for the baby's room.  That cemented the idea that maybe I don't know beans about my own work.  So I plod through this watercolor too.  Push to finish it and think about what's next.

Fighting resistance every step of the way with this painting, I plod.


  1. Hi Dora, This looks like it's got great color and value contrast. And, it looks and feels like hydrangeas to me. But, I know how it feels to struggle with these paintings. Keep plodding! :)

  2. Peggy, thank you so much for the vote of confidence when I really need it!

  3. Dora-
    I really like it also! I do know what you mean about the photos though- my oil painting teacher says not to try to duplicate the photo or you will go crazy. I always try to match it, he says use it as a guide for your darks and lights and do your own thing. That is where we seem to have trouble- trusting our own judgement and painting!

  4. I sometimes find if you take too long over making any painting, you tire of it - and become over-critical.
    Perhaps if you could find the time to finish it all at one time, you might feel differently.

    As it stands, I think its lovely, Dora :) xx

  5. Sheryl I know what you mean. I see every detail in my photos! Sometimes I enlarge them just enough so I can see it from across the room, as if I'm on site, to fool myself.

  6. Pat, you just might be right. When I spanned too much time I guess I get bored and antsy. Maybe that's why I so enjoy the paintings on the beach..they are quick and done!


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