Monday, October 18, 2010

Decorating Old With New

Sometimes I jump start my creativity by cleaning up my art space.  The Artist's Way, by Julia Cameron, suggested re-arranging a room to spark ideas.  Doing something methodical like vacuuming a carpet, or mopping the kitchen floor can release pent up energy and while doing the repetitive motions the brain can trail off and daydream.  Why not?  Works for me!

As you can see by my photo I've been very busy redecorating.  It's kind of freeing in a way, my brain can get away of thinking about the art process, how/what/where/ to paint, or not, and the guilt with not.

So maybe after it's all said and done I'll feel like getting back to that painting I've left behind for the moment?  Not sure.  But looking at fabric, colors, shapes that are pleasing to me has had it's wanted effect.

This was such an enjoyable project!  Where and what is this?  Well!  I have set up my sons' crib, which I kept, in his old bedroom.  On a shopping trip to the baby store with Gorgeous we picked out this bumpers and sheets set that blends nicely with the existing furniture in that room.  And, it's not Pepto Bismol pink!  Comfortable colors and shapes on this set make it a cozy haven.  I know my granddaughter won't have a clue, but it's comfy to me!

I'm ready to receive my precious one.  And I had better get organized or I'll find myself scrambling!


  1. How fun, Dora! I still have my son's crib, so someday...

  2. I kept the whole set, but they like the dark furniture in style now. Works for me because now I can use it again!

  3. Love the giraffe quilt! How fun !

  4. Yes Pat, fun colors, shapes and animals! Yay!


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