Monday, September 13, 2010

A Little Something New

It's Monday.  A new week begins again.  The awful feeling of reliving the events of September 11, 2001 has passed for another year.  This week should prove to be very different.  It's the anticipation of a new thing to be with all kinds of excitement.

The new thing is still growing, cooking, working it's way to us and expected to be revealed soon.  Have you guessed it yet?  Maybe you have.

I am superstitious.  Let's get that out of the way right now, up front, plain and clear.  I'm not saying anything more about it.  But I will say that the anticipation is killing me now that the time is nearing.  Yes, superstitious I am.  It comes to me from my family.  My grandmother had plenty of them for different things.  Doesn't everyone have a little something they do for good luck, or to repel bad luck?  Like a Friday the 13th kind of thing?  We have plenty, for sure.

My kids don't want to hear about the different superstitions that have been passed down.  You want to shrug your shoulders and say, So what?  What's going to happen?  But go ahead.  Do it and see.  Do you really want to chance it?  I go with that flow.

Some people call it a jinx.  Some call it a canary.  Why even try to explain these things?  If you don't know maybe it's better.  The Mr. will say Don't even tell me!

Now my poor DIL Gorgeous is stuck with me and the superstitions, old wive's tales, Greek folklore stories and the like.  She's Greek too, she knows, but every family has some they believe in and others that they don't.  My bunch just seems to have more.  I read somewhere that some very prominent, intelligent, famous people were superstitious, so that gives me some hope we're not all nutcakes.  Son #1 rolls his eyes at me, but I think Gorgeous is starting to 'get it'.  She's a great sport!

When it's all over I'll tell you all about it, but not before.  No need to count those chickens before they hatch now, right?  Of course.  Details will come later.

In the meanwhile, here's the watercolor I painted on my beach day last week.  I understand that Tuesday is going to be sunny and pleasant.  There's a good possibility I'll be visiting the beach again if it is, unless there's something else that comes up.  In that case, I'll be somewhere else.

Sandal in the Sand (c)2010 DST Watercolor 


  1. Lovely watercolour :)

    Superstitions? Oh yes, the Irish side have passed down a few :lol:

  2. When I get myself together I must do a post on some of these superstitions, Pat.


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