Sunday, August 1, 2010

Quietly Closing the Garden Gate

It's a very quiet Sunday around here.  Monday I'll be driving to NYC again to get my sister back to her apartment and her chiropractor appointment.  Since I'll be running around tomorrow I decided to post today.  I don't know why it's so quiet outside.  It seems as if the whole world went on vacation and left me home.  I'm not complaining, I like it quiet, but it just seems unusually low key out there.

I had to visit a few shops, which I rarely do on Sunday since the world is usually out shopping on Sundays.  To venture out near those shopping areas and malls is just not worth it to me.  I can go any day of the week, but this time a coupon I wanted to use had a time limit.  Today was the day.  It's cloudy and cool so we weren't visiting the beach, the Mr. was out doing stuff, Son#2 laying low and the coupon was starring at me.  I went out, did my thing and I'm back.  You know what I'm making for dinner?  Reservations! Hahaha! So it's time to post here.

Remember this garden watercolor?  I had become frustrated with it and just went on to other things.  I couldn't work on another painting because this was still attached to the block.  It had to be finished for me to go on to the next work.  My heart wasn't in it anymore because I felt I was getting too detail-y, if that's a word. I didn't like how things were going.  I wasn't pleased with the composition.  I was winging it and feeling that out of body-ness of the process.  Beside, it became a chore.  I ignored it for a while.

Until this week when I decided I had other more interesting things to paint.  Rather than go back out to the scene of this particular crime, I worked on it inside.  It was too hot anyway (my excuse) so it was back to the studio with it.

(c)2010 DST, At The Garden Gate, watercolor

I'm done.  I'm not touching this anymore.  Remind me next time to scale down the action, OK?


  1. I like it! I feel like I am looking at it from a child's perspective. It's more fun than before and I like that too :) Way to not give up! Been there..

  2. At least you didnt have to resort to collage or gesso like I sometimes do.

  3. I like the finished one too.. but I also liked the stages :)
    You've got some great darks in there, they really help bring the garden pic to life!

  4. I'm glad you went back to it - it has a certain something that very appealing. BTW, have you ever gone to the meetings of the Village Art Club in RVC?

  5. Wax Beach Artist-Thanks so much!

    Grace-I'm not a collage person, and just don't bother with gesso. I just ditch!

    Hey Pat! Without the darks the lights would not pop.

    Martha-I've never been to RVC Art Club. Do you have any info? Or I can Google it. Thanks!


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