Friday, August 27, 2010

Photos for Friday- Horton's Point Lighthouse

Horton's Point lighthouse in Southold, NY was commissioned in 1790 by President George Washington and first lit in 1857.  It's a beautiful sight to see from the land, I can only imagine how it looks from the sea.  We came upon the lighthouse too late in the afternoon to visit inside, but I climbed over the chain and walked up to it to take these pictures.  The steep walkway down to the beach was just as breath taking as the lighthouse.


  1. very nice......that's the year George Washington visited LI, 1790. He stayed in the house I painted for Oyster Bay Historical Society in Oyster Bay Cove

  2. I loved going there, and wineries nearby! Nice photos!

  3. Beautiful, Dora! Lighthouses are loved by so many people. I can see why.

  4. Thanks for the great comments Regan, Sheryl and Therese. The Mr. goes fishing near this area all the time, but I had no idea there was a lighthouse until we stumbled on the signs for it. Was really great to see.


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