Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Finishing Something Else

Every day I try to work on this newest painting.  I've abandoned the basement studio for the time being to work on this outside, or at my kitchen table, where the light is brighter. 

When not working on it I prop up the painting on a mini easel so I can eyeball it as I walk through the house doing my chores.  Here and there I can stop what I'm doing if I have an idea and throw some paint in an area that I see needs something. 

I usually have my work in progress in my general vicinity when not working on it.  It gives me a different perspective and I'm able to live with the work.  Then again, it's nice to work in the studio and leave when done working, leave it all behind and go on to life.  But right now this is working for me.  It's keeping me in the game, so to speak, so Mr. Resistance can keep his distance.

Distraction was never my middle name, but it is now.  Keeping me in the loop is a tough job and I could use all the help I can get.  With a few things working at the same time, all different media, I could be drawn away to any of them and never finish one.  "Finish Something" has been my mantra.

Most evenings I like to knit, if I'm not too exhausted.  This week I finished something!  I was determined to finish this one thing and I did it.  I sewed up edges and hid all the dangling yarn ends. The bad thing about finishing this knit is now I've got my eye on different yarn and a new project I'm dying to start.  Bad.

The good thing is that the yarn I'm eyeing has not been available in the local shop I visit.  The longer it's not available the better, otherwise I'll never finish anything else.


  1. Oh Dora, you do make me smile! :)

    Love hearing how you are battling along and like your very pretty butterfly, wanting to flit between projects.
    World would be boring if we were all the same :)

  2. This is beautiful! Love the butterfly color- and I also love that there is someone who is as easily distracted artistically as I am!

  3. Thanks Pat, as always, for your comments which always make me feel good!

  4. Sheryl I go off on tangents so easily lately with that Artist A.D.D. I have!


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