Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tuesday No-Show at the Easel

Daylilies and Hydrangea in the garden at 7AM this morning

Sorry I was a no-show yesterday.  I had one of those days that would not stop for anything.  My morning started at the farmer's market.  I was disappointed with the produce as the veggie guy didn't have much with him.  Maybe he was having a bad growing week.  Then the fruit guy was out of fruit, so I visited the cheese guy and bought cheese.  Okay.  Cheese is not fruit, but I decided to splurge.  I love cheese.

When I returned home I had phone calls to make that I have been putting off.  House stuff, laundry (people need clean clothes you know), oh and a library stop to pick up books I ordered.  Tried to cross things off the to-do list and not making much of a dent.

After lunch I was meeting a good friend for Starbucks coffee and to dish the dirt!  We don't get too many chances to get together often so it was a real treat.  That took up three, nice long hours, but worth every minute!  She's an art lover and is encouraging me to set up some sort of gallery show somewhere.  I'd like to do that, but I'm afraid I may not have enough work.  I have to think about it.

Later I had to plan our dinner, prepare the dinner, serve the dinner, clean up after dinner and finally sit down in front of the TV to just veg. 

Painting? Nope.  Thinking about painting?  Yup.  Planning the next painting already even though the current one isn't finished at all? Uh huh!  What's interesting is that I'm not in resistance mode, just moving along.

I'll try again today.


  1. Ooh cheese. Yum. I have slacked on my blog, art and writing as well since Sunday. I am feeling drained at the end of the day.

  2. Oh good, at least you're tired at the end of the day! I'm exhausted by 1PM! LOL
    I really appreciate your comment, thanks!!

  3. Well, Dora. I've been unmotivated to bring my ideas to fruition ever since summer began. It's hard to feel inspired and energetic every day. Sounds good visiting the farm market. I'm getting hungry for some fresh fruit as I'm reading. Have a great day!!!

  4. Isn't that just how it is, Therese? I've been there, and I'm still there! Hahaha!
    I'm trying to push through the resistance and some days I make it. Yesterday afternoon I decided I had some time to paint, even if it was only an hour. It was bliss.

  5. Oh, by the way, I truly LOVE your garden photos. How beautiful! My hydrangeas are just beginning to bloom. I'll have to post a few photos, soon. Later...

  6. Thanks Therese, your's are also beautiful. I love having a colorful garden. Next I'm going to try for scent! Color and perfume, yes!


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