Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Back in the Garden

After returning home yesterday from the farmer's market, and other related errands, the rest of my day was free.  I had a leisurely lunch in the patio room, read the mail, made a couple of phone calls while looking at the colorful blooms in the garden.  Since I was free of chores I took the watercolors into the garden to paint and it felt really good.  Different flowers and bushes are in bloom, the afternoon sun was touching petals and leaves just right, it was very inviting.

A few years ago, while talking with my next door neighbor, I noticed this amazing blooming bush and asked her what it was.  She was an avid gardener and had many different flowers and such in her garden.  The bush we were looking at was close to three feet tall and covered in periwinkle blue dainty blooms and dazzled in the early morning June sunlight.  My neighbor said it was a lace-cap hydrangea and I'd never seen anything so breathtaking.  I had to have one!

I visited a large garden store near me and there they were!  Happy day!  I bought one and planted it in a dappled sun spot where I could see it every day.  It blooms in June for a few weeks so I have to enjoy it while I can right now.  At night the blue flowers sparkle and when we eat dinner in the patio room I always say "Isn't that bush amazing?"

So how can I replicate that color in paint?  If I'm going to paint this I have to brush up on my color mixing.  Or fake it.


  1. Your garden painting is looking lovely!

    As to replicating, from what my monitor is showing, I would try a cobalt blue (pale) and a touch of alizarin. Not too much or you'll over whelm the blue.
    I would experiment, not fake - the fun is in playing :)

  2. Thanks Sheryl!

    Pat, I'm going to try that combo and see what happens. Thanks!

  3. That blue flower will definitely spice up your garden painting. I don't know how to mix the paint colors but I do hope you get the right color.

  4. For this work I'm going to wing it, maybe make it pop by using a dark behind the blue. Next painting will be the better test!

    Thanks for commenting Rose!


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