Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Yarn to The Rescue

I was too tired to drag myself to Holy Week services last night. Trying to keep a meatless/dairyless fast is not easy.  Maybe vegans can do it, but that's not my bunch.  This afternoon I'm definitely going.  The service today is Holy Unction and the worshippers are annointed with blessed oil for healing.  Two services are performed today and the afternoon is less hectic than the evening.  Ok, people bring their crying, screaming children in the afternoon, but I think I can block them out and be in my own zone for an hour or so.  And I could always use some healing.

It's just impossible to do much art related endeavors while my mind is busy focusing on each coming day this week.  I'm not resisting just distracted, edgy, and tired.  The way I've been able to slow down the rushing moments and float away is by looking at yarn.  I ordered some really colorful yarn for something and time stops when I look at the color, feel the texture, and play with it on my needles.  Time stands still for that moment.  I know I could look at my paints and those colors, my new watercolor paper, but then I might find myself painting and losing valuable time being lost in that!  We'll never eat dinner!

Yarn is available, within reach, and not too time consuming.  My stash sits in a big basket next to my little dream corner couch and I can take a few minutes out to get to it.  Isn't the color of this yarn delicious?  It's amazing in person too.  I had a certain thing in mind when I ordered it, but it's not the right gauge.  There's no way I'm returning it though.  I'll do something else with it.  In the meantime, I ordered another few skeins of a different brand, a better gauge, with better maintenance and great color, online anyway.  Gotta have color!  It better be great color when I get it, too.  Otherwise I'll have to order something else.  

So it's Wednesday and the week is close to over.  It better be over soon or I'll be up to my eyeballs in yarn.   

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