Tuesday, February 2, 2010

On to Walking in This World

Since I finished reading The Artist's Way I decided to take the next steps in the series.  In the first book the author Julia Cameron, suggests taking a mind clearing walk every day.  I didn't get there.  I was able to take a walk a couple of times in the fall and really enjoyed being outside in that kind of weather, taking in the autumn flowers, leaves and fresh air.  But after that the weather turned colder and I didn't have the urge to go outside.

As a push to continue the creativity quest, I ordered and received two more books, Walking in This World and The Vein of Gold.  I read the first chapter of the first, I'm leaving the latter for afterwards.  The ideas are the same:  Morning Pages every day for 3 pages in long hand, a weekly Artist Date and daily mini date, and a weekly long walk.  Ok, well, we'll see how that goes. 

I've been very consistent with Morning Pages. I write very early in a marble notebook with a MontBlanc pen/pencil set my father gave me so many years ago I can't remember.  Using that pen elevates the writing time to an event.  I eat, read my news, have more coffee, zip open the pen set and get to writing.

The pages have become my conversation with the Universe, the emptying out of stupid stuff in my head. Sometimes I've said it all in the Morning Pages and I have nothing left for this blog!  It's good because I can get to the art quickly rather than ruminate on it.  The Artist Date has become small pockets of fun time instead of all day, full blown dates.  I went to the art supply store, the yarn shop, poked around a thrift shop, doodled in my sketch pad, just little fun things. 

Walking outside and walking on a treadmill are two totally different experiences.  When I walked my treadmill I had a large travel calendar in front of me for a distraction.  I  imagined myself in another country on vacation, but then I would be sad I wasn't really on vacation.  And the idea of gerbils running on a wheel came into my head one day and I was turned off.  When you walk outdoors you can see other people, different houses and gardens, stores, alive stuff. 

Now it's time to do the walking part of this course, but it's still freezing outside! I'm going to have to figure this one out. 


  1. I should start those mornin' pages again.
    great how you are getting so much out of it. I try to walk also - it's cold on the Island- try thin pj's or long johns under your pants- that's what Ive been doin'.

  2. I love the walk. It clears my head of mania about what I need to get done. Bravo for you on the Morning Pages AND a blog. I have yet to do both. Love those artist dates.

  3. You know, I started journaling before I read Artist's Way, now I do it 3 pages worth, it's become habit. The art date is hard to pin down, and walking now? We'll see..

  4. I really like your blog! Glad to know you from Twitter. You just reminded me I now have time - for the first time in 24 years - to do Morning Pages AND take a morning walk! I'm trying to establish a routine for myself, now that I'm unemployed and that is a wonderful start!
    Nina in San Diego (Ruthie)

  5. Hi Ruthie/Nina! haha I still didn't start walking. Cold and snowy here, just another excuse not to do it! Good luck job hunting!


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